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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decorating & Storeage Hints and Tips

Its fair game to say that I have completely and utterly neglected my blog. I cant even recall the last time I wrote something let alone consider it!

Basically, to be honest, I found YouTube a lot easier to use. It was a lot more fun and less effort. Terrible of me to say, I know.


As of recently I have begun to remember the benefits. Want to get some shizzle out on the web? Yes! Oh, wait, I just looked in the mirror.. No - One is going to want to see that. Blogger is great for days like that. Its even more beneficial to me now as I am having serious skin problems.

Now, a lot of girls in the fashion/Beauty community will say 'Oh waaah my skin in breaking out/Bad/I have a spot', so let me just say, I would KILL for a spot. A single, stand alone, spot. My skin is in the shitter. No holding back, I look like I'm knocking at deaths door.
I'm by no means being paranoid/whingey, I have full blown, cystic, painful to smile, acne. It literally hurts to move my face. It makes me look swollen. Not a good look. I am currently treating it and its working- my skin is purging ( getting all the bad stuff out) and when it clears up, Ill be posting my skincare routine.

Back to the matter at hand, I have complied some cute storage/Decor ideas. I love vintage looking bedrooms and literally spend hours on we heart it looking at images. Here are some of my own ideas :

 Cluttered can be cute, but once its organised clutter. Try gathering a few cute ornaments with semi-cordinated colours to add to the 'shabby chic' look
 Fairy lights are a great way to decorate, they offer a soft, sexy light for romantic times, and compliment any reflection in the mirror. They just look cute too
 I have collected porcelin masks for as long as I can remember. If you have any collections, use them! Stamps? Frame them! Plates? Hang them! Keys? Spray paint & Frame for a cute vintage look.
 If you're like me and live in a converted attic, make use of your crawlspace hatch! Paint it, style it, decorate it and make it your own. It doesnt have to look ugly just because its an attic door!
 This is something optional-I am a reader, so I have a reading corner. I had a beanbag but it looked to gaudy. I swaped it out for this round chair and threw a blanket from the 90's over it. It adds to the vintage feel. Ask the older generation if they have blankets lying around, they're sure to!
 I love these. I got this one and the 'Love' one in TK MAXX. Always check the homeware and beauty sections in there- amazing finds!

 This was a locker we got in supervalue. We painted it, took off the door and got storage bins. These were made for garden use, but they are way too cute to be outside!  For €3.89, I couldnt resist. Check your local poundshops for finds like this!
 For items I use every night I like to keep them in my nightstand. Using little baskets/ tubs to hold these items keep clutter at bay, and look very nice.
 I am a huge believer in decorating with things that you use daily. I love the look of the bags in this picture, almost like a botique feel, and the juicy perfume bottle in the picture below reminds me of a surfer girl, complimenting the wave - like pattern on the 'Love' woodcarving. If you have cute shoes, purses, perfume bottles, use them!

 For the many books I have, I think just throwing them into a basket is a great idea. It brings around the organised mess look once again, and they're in a handy position for grabbing and going!
 Like I said, use what you have! Jewellry works very well as a decoration. The handholder was pink and I sprayed it gold. My mam got me the bodyform holder, I love the look of both together.
 Another one of my mothers creations. She simply got material and changed the cover of a PC chair. Re-vamping old furniture is a great way to cheaply give your room a new feel.

 You dont have to blow the budget to get artistic items. Check pennys! I got these 3 pictures for €5.
 Check out the poundshop for cheap quickfixes! I got this mask about 4 years ago. Looks great and only cost €2. They always bring in things like this. Just because its supposed to be used as a certain thing doesnt mean it actually has to be ;)
 Love vintage/shabby chic look? Go no further then pennys. I got all these cushions/ Bedspread in there. Doesnt look it, right? Places you dont always think of tend to have some great finds.
Pine cones, leaves, twigs, flowers.. stick them in a vase/bowl for an unusual and cheap piece of art!

I hope you enjoyed this guys, thanks for reading! :)