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Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Pictures Taken

So, some are taken by my friend Joshua, who's a pretty nifty photographer and some are just of me messing around :)

Yeah Im bored.

To vlog or not to vlog?

Well, pretty straight forward question, not too sure what to do! Bitta help :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay its been a while.. Havent had too much to blog about to be honest and Ive been waiting until I found this particular item! Im so happy :D

So I never really payed too much attention to the cosmetic section in TK MAXX until last week.. And oh i wish I did it earlier! I managed to pick up items from The Balm, Urban Decay and Stila for cut throat prices! (I sound like one of those really annoying car dealership ad's).

So, here are my lovely finds!

Urban decay  lipstick In gravity €6.99!

The Balm blusher €8.99!

Stila 3 piece neutral set €14!

So after getting the stila items and The Balm items in one day I went back repetedly (lots of time on my hands) until today, when I found the Urdan Decay lipstik. No doubt, Ill be going back tomorrow on a scavenger hunt. TK MAXX is well worth a snoop.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Once again, Ive found myself SICK. Yes yes, this year I seem to be getting everything thats on the go. That is not meant to be in any way sexual :P. But yes, sick. again.

This time, its my throat. It feels like I have tonsilitus.. the only slight problem I have with that is I HAVE NO FUCKING TONSILS!
As a child, I suffered with painful throat infections like a whore with STD's. Constantly had them. After my doctor drew a picture of them and described them as 'craggy'(them being my tonsils) the aul rents decided the only option was to have them removed. Id be cured of my painful throats, right? BIG FUCKING WRONG!!!

Seven years later, a mound of sore throats and strep infections and here I am in agony once again, praying its not strep. Dear Jesus Christ am I praying.

You see, initally I thought it was a cold as my best friend had one and we were having a lazy day/night/day. But of course, Amy gets the sniffles and Sarah gets the pain in the neck. Now, this has nothing to do with a cold as Amy as not had a sore throat as sever as mine, nor has the boyfriend. So Im sitting here in bed thinking the worst. I was out over the weekend for birthdays but had to leave early. Everything hurt. Left work early. Spent the day in bed which has now left me with a sore back. This. Is. Shit.

These cheered me up.. lol jk Im impossible to cheer up right now. :P

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another give away!

The crazy bitch beauty gazette is also having a very generous MAC give away!

You can see this give away  HERE .
Its a blog worthy of following and also a very generous give away!

Sweet Give aways!

The secret life of a wannabe diva is having an awesome give away! I love soap&gloary products so this is extra exciting!

Enter here : http://secretsofawannabediva.blogspot.com/2011/02/giveaway.html

Follow and enter! x

Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay it being the weekend, and considering I have not been out since new years, we went all out!
Went to a club called Judge Roy Beans to see ''Flock of budgies'' who are amazing, serious have to listen to them!


Anyway, Here's my outfit

Couldnt get a clear one really.. would of felt kind of weird taking a full body picture of myself haha?
The top is from river island and i turned it into a halter neck because my boobs arent big enough to hold it up.

The leggins are from Zara, got them ages ago! Love high waisted pants..

Friday, February 4, 2011

Haul!! Image heavy.

Okay guys its my first ever haul!! So excited so just gonna get right into it :D

You'll have to excuse the poor quality of pictures, my lights have decided to stop working, the friggin dark out and stormy... so yeah theyre pretty bad.

Rimmel lipsticks in Birthday suit and Indulgance
Birthday suit

 Sweet chutney lipgloss by h&m

 Vinyl Gloss lipgloss in pin up by rimmel
 Bright pink eyeshadow by essence. I use this as a blusher
 Kisses4sale lipgloss by h&m, its a lovely sparkly nude pink. Swatch below.

 Zara military Cardigan, Only €9.99! I was like wtf pirce mix up or something??
 Pennys kabuki brush. Its okay, for €2 ya cant go wrong like.
 H&m angle blush brush. Quite like this brush.

 H&m smokey eye's brush, love the blend brush on it.

Jacket with shoulder pads from bershka. I am in love.

 Only €12.99!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Powder and Gloss giveaway

Fellow blogger has luckily hit 100 followers ( and counting) and has put together a lovely little summery give away! Comes with a mint Barry M nail polish, a bring and beautiful sleek pallet and a sleek glitter pot.


Not sure how I put things in my side bar so its going here! x

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Health scare!

Okay so  I have a little story for you guys, one that hopefully will get you to the doc when its needed, assuming youre like me and take the sterotypical male approach to 'Tough it out'. Ive learned my lesson the hard way!

So, basically, I get recurring chest pains. Every now and then Id get a stabbing pain inbetween my breasts. It would last for a couple of breaths then go, come back then be gone for days, weeks and fortunetly, months. So, Id ignore it. I know, I reaaaally shouldn of and at the insistance of my trainer, I took it easy for a while in all aspects of life..


This morning. Oh my god, this morning. It was unbearable. I never felt pain like it. 4 hours of tattooing? Sure, gimmie that! Needle though my tongue?? FUCKIN DO IT!! This pain? No. Just, no. So, panic sets in. I ring KDOC( emergency doctors), who tell me to ring my doctor. He's not in. Ring my mother (giving her heart failure), shes rings Dad, he rings the doctor who just got in. Now, I do feel bad for skipping 34 people in a Q, but apperently a 19 year old with bad chest pains is serious.. really?? I didnt realise!!

So after all my scares and rushing and crying, it turns out I have 'Costochondritis' which is thankfully, nothing to do with any vital organs! Its an inflammation of cartilage between the ribs and breastbone. A lovely set of drowsy painkillers and anti-inflammitory meds and Im just about set!

So, I hope that if youre in anyway like me that this will give ya an aul push into getting into the doctors if any problems arise, immeditely!! Itll save you a serious scare in the long run!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Okay so I was in carlow recently and stumbled upon this little shop called 'Foundation'. They are a make up shop stocking really really well priced make up! Im pretty sure theres one in Waterford too. They have items from Calvin Klein, W7, Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline, Max facotor, Rimmel, L'oreal (booo!) and some brand called 'Sunkissed'.

The stuff is really cheap, the CK lipglosses are around €5-6 and taste lovely! Oh! they also have some sally hansen things too. They mainly have W7 though.

I bought a good few things like Blusher, Nail varnish, Gel eyeliner and conceler, and it all cost me 25 quid!
Here are pictures of what I bought, minus the eyeliner.. It made my eyes go all puffy so i binned it. Not a bit impressed considering it was Elizabeth arden!!

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, Its really dark out >:( But yeah, some of the things i got! Its a cool shop :)