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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Okay so I was in carlow recently and stumbled upon this little shop called 'Foundation'. They are a make up shop stocking really really well priced make up! Im pretty sure theres one in Waterford too. They have items from Calvin Klein, W7, Elizabeth Arden, Maybelline, Max facotor, Rimmel, L'oreal (booo!) and some brand called 'Sunkissed'.

The stuff is really cheap, the CK lipglosses are around €5-6 and taste lovely! Oh! they also have some sally hansen things too. They mainly have W7 though.

I bought a good few things like Blusher, Nail varnish, Gel eyeliner and conceler, and it all cost me 25 quid!
Here are pictures of what I bought, minus the eyeliner.. It made my eyes go all puffy so i binned it. Not a bit impressed considering it was Elizabeth arden!!

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, Its really dark out >:( But yeah, some of the things i got! Its a cool shop :)


  1. Not bad for £25! Love the colour of the nail varnish! xo

  2. Yeah its a lovely colour, Though the money I spent getting up there could of been spent on make up locally, but oh well! All in the name of beauty:P x