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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Once again, Ive found myself SICK. Yes yes, this year I seem to be getting everything thats on the go. That is not meant to be in any way sexual :P. But yes, sick. again.

This time, its my throat. It feels like I have tonsilitus.. the only slight problem I have with that is I HAVE NO FUCKING TONSILS!
As a child, I suffered with painful throat infections like a whore with STD's. Constantly had them. After my doctor drew a picture of them and described them as 'craggy'(them being my tonsils) the aul rents decided the only option was to have them removed. Id be cured of my painful throats, right? BIG FUCKING WRONG!!!

Seven years later, a mound of sore throats and strep infections and here I am in agony once again, praying its not strep. Dear Jesus Christ am I praying.

You see, initally I thought it was a cold as my best friend had one and we were having a lazy day/night/day. But of course, Amy gets the sniffles and Sarah gets the pain in the neck. Now, this has nothing to do with a cold as Amy as not had a sore throat as sever as mine, nor has the boyfriend. So Im sitting here in bed thinking the worst. I was out over the weekend for birthdays but had to leave early. Everything hurt. Left work early. Spent the day in bed which has now left me with a sore back. This. Is. Shit.

These cheered me up.. lol jk Im impossible to cheer up right now. :P

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