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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Serious image change (I didnt even realise!) and shaggy no more!

So considering my hours have been cut, im home most of the week - boo!

Today was a relaxing day, so to speak. I woke up at elevn, YES! eleven, which, might i add is VERY unusual for me..
Anyway, my poor old pup shaggy has got a skin infection, again. He keeps scratching away his fur making him all red and blotchy. I was left with no other option than giving him a make over! He got a good aul' trim and bath with his medical shampoo.

He was unimpressed to say the least.
Before the big chop :
You can see where he got his name..

Aaaand after:

Lovely and neat :P

''My furs is shiver mommy!'

And now for me.. I actually didnt realise how drastic my change was until I looked back over old pictutres.. Its actually mad..

This was about a month ago when I was bored and decided to do heavy make up and biiiig big hair. Its jet black with a side fringe and just big in general..

And now:
It looks kind of gingery blonde in the picture but its because my lighting is dreadful. Its more light brownish blonde. I haven had it cut or anything, thats just the layers around the front. Its crazy how different I look.. Miss my dark hair..

Okay, so, this is a question ive been trying to tackle since.. a while :P.

To side fringe again, or not. Tough choice.. Not as thick as the last one, and slightly shorter.. gaaaah!
Anyway, yes, I must get back to cleaning up my room (-_-)


Monday, January 17, 2011

Must reads!

Okay so Im in my boyfriends house and really bored cause im here alone, sooo thought id put together this little post.

These are some books that Ive read and fallen in love with, you have got to read them. I feel if i hadnt of read some of these books, id be a different person!

What dreams may come by Richard Matheson. Id read this book again and again and again. Its a heartbreaking story about a man who lost his wife, but with a twist. I dont want to say too much more because Ill only spoil it, so all Im going to say is, read it!

Next is the Sookie Stackhouse collection. The TV show true blood  based on this series, and boy is it worth a read. Its sexy, scary, funny and entertaining, you actually will not be able to put down the book. Im finding myself dying for the next book to come out which is sometime in march >:(.

Only started this collection recently so Ive not too much to say about it. The tv show is completly different from the book. Its good so far, so read up!

This is alot like I AM LEGEND, but its alot bigger and slightly more confusing. Set in the future where the world has been taken over by infected superhumans, a small group of people fight for survival as their natural resources run out. Gripping read and well worth the strain it'll cause your shoulder from carrying it around in your bag :P

Soon to be a motion picture, this follows the life of an alien boy on earth. He falls in love and fights to stay with her and his friends. Really good read, movie should be good too.

So far thats all I can think of because im not at home to go through by books.. if you want to know anymore books thatd id reccomend, just comment!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Too Faced and The Balm.

Quuuick post! Does anyone know where I can find Too Faced in Ireland? I know A|wear are stocking The balm, but I reeeaaallly want some bits from too faced.

Please Let me know if youve seen them anywhere!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the jungle ;)

Okay so Ive changed my blog around a bit, decided to change the title to something a bit more personal :) 'Sal' is one of my many nicknames, just thinking of it the other day! Funny how you get these names..

Anyway! Onto my main topic. I wanted to share my latest fashion craze with you!
Ive fallen head over heals for ANYTHING related to animals.. especially jewl's! I think theyre just so beyond cute and look so good, they just suit my personality. Soooo, Im going to share some of my favourite pieces :)

This one is from river island. It cost €4 because of the sale and its a cute little bracelet. Only downside is, it broke. Like everything else i purchase in that shop. BOOO.
This is my wittle wizzard!! Sorry, lizzard. Its from ASOS, dont know how much it cost as it was a gift, love it to bits!
 This too is from river island. This too broke. Twice. Nuff said.
 Pennys finest! €2
 AM in LOOOOVE with this ring.. for €6.95 for the lot, ya cant beat it! good aul H&M!
 Another H&M buy, only €3.95. excuse the dody picture of myself.. all the cropping in the world just cant fix some things..
 Spider and owl earings, obviously not a set ha! €2 per pair in pennys!
 €1 in monsoon.. YES!! €1! lovely lovely tigers..
 This is vintage, stole from my mother :P Lovely pearls with a gold panter on them!
Ive i few more bits but my battery died and the lighting in my room is terrible.. :( If anyone knows where I can pick up for animalistic jewls do tell!! x

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need help!

Okay So Im seriously fed up.
I have a little problem that im sure is very common.. too common in fact.

I cannot for the life of me, find a suitable foundation. Ive tried alot, be it compact, mineral, liquid or powder. The only one that came slightly close was 'l'oreal match perfection', but alas, the bastards test on animals. Thats them gone out the window >:(

I need one with a heavy coverage, and works well with dry skin. My skin is only dry in patches, but its still dry and even liquid ones dry it out! So, any suggestions for me? Please help a gal out because I feel a twinge of sadness come one o clock when I look in the mirror.. thank you!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Its been a while..

Wow its been extremly long since my last post but ive been sooo busy... working in retail during the festive season is stressful! Also, it was my birthday on the 28th (now19!) and then new years and work again!! Stress!! :P

Anyway, Ive changed my hair once again (im infamous for it). This time, I decided to be rid of the past, i wanted to start fresh and blabla so on, soooo.. I've been stripped!


Black Black Black!!

Im a gingery brunette! Hated it at the start but growing to love it..

Okay so only a quick post as im going to see 127 hours :D

Ps. No, theyre not extensions, all home grown :D