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Monday, March 28, 2011

500 days of summer.

Gotta start by saying, I love this movie!

I recently got my laptop back! :D Weird, on the report it said they didnt replace anything.. Must of been a softwear things I guess..

So summer has offically arrived.. Bought my first maxi dress on Friday. I always said that id *never* wear them because I am tiny, but this one is actually pretty cute! I got it in Petit Bateau in Kildare village. Its really nice and flowy with isnt really my style, but it suits me.

So, because of the nice weather, my dogs have been lazing outside all the time. This is very unusual because jack russels are normally hoping all over the place. I was getting a few things ready for this post and my sister comes running upstairs and says

 'SASS!!! Mam planted dog flowers this morning and and she told me to tell you that they grew!!!!'
I was like.. what the fuck are you on child, until she told me to look out the window, and my heart melted. This is too cute.

I've been bored off my face all day because im off work, but everyone else isnt. So im going mad!!
I cant shop cause im broke, so I dont know what to do with myself. I was so bored, I made ice tea. I love lipton ice tea and thought id make my own! Its actually not bad.. Im considering setting up a stand outside my house :P
 A while back I made a huge image change, and now, its finally complete.. Im blonde.. well, as blonde as I want anyway.

Check out my new video!


New video, Finally!

So, Finally been able to record.. Heres my new video



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fur is MURDER.

So, I know this video has been around for a while and Ive seen it before, but Im pretty sure that my mind as somehow manages to block it out due to the horrific nature of it. Ill be showing this on my blog and exposing the celebs that do believe fur is a fashionable statement. Ill also be refusing to buy any merchandise, watch anything or listen to anything with them in it. That is how mad I am right now. No, actually, not mad. DISGUSTED.

I couldn watch this video the whole way through, coming from someone who managed to watch 2girls1cup, thats quite a feat. I will warn you that this is not for the faint hearted or animal lovers, but it must be seen if you think fur is fashionable.



Which ever link works for you. In my opinion, fur wearers show ignorance. They have no regaurd for any creatue apart from themselves. For instance, this is a 100% true story. My ex- bestfriend was against fur. Completly and utterly against it. Her mother had numerous fur items from coats to scarves. She's scould her mother when she wore them. Now, as you can guess, they had a bit(a lot) of money.One day, back when we were in school, she comes in wearing a scarf made out of rabbit fur. When there was a comment made by a teacher regaurding the nature of her scarf, she simply said:

                         *" well, to be honest, im more freaking important than the rabbit"*

Hmmm, well chick, what about the 100 other fucking cotton/ wool scarves you have at home? Ever think of investing in a fucking turtleneck jumper? No? just wanna wear a dead bunny? Okie fucking dokie so!

No. There are many other ways to get your fur fix. Its called faux fur. Its cheaper, kinder and shows the world how much of a cunt you aren't. Apologies for the rudeness but This is possibly something I feel the strongest about in the entire world. As for the 'Im more important' segment. Let me assure you babe, youre not. No way at all. I would gladly chose animals over humans any day.


Well, lets just say, animals cant chose how they behave. *We can*.

Celebrity fur followers:

                                             Id like to say a big *FUCK YOU* to those guys.

Onto the anti- fur celebs.

                                                                       <3 for Ami!
Why wear a meat dress when you're signed with peta?? She still claims to be anti-fur.

Enjoy. Glad to get this out there.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Video!

This is just a little video of one of my dogs. He'll be starring in his own series. He's quite the pup. Id include my others but shaggy is just weird and trixie's too much of a lady to do anything. At all.


Enjoy, Follow and subscribe! x

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a little rant. Im sure youll all share my anger.

'Okay, so I guess the japan jokes are to be expected off the ignorant and stupid after the whole natural disaster. But today? At a time when its still going on? Really? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

There is actually something wrong with alot of people these days.The all high and mighty keyboard warrior strikes again. A girl I dislike, but am friends with on facebook decided to make one such joke. After getting a cold, cold, welcome to her joke, she gets snotty, ignorant and arrogant.

So, Ill enlighten you.
Her 'Joke'

 'Feel sorry for the Japanese if i'm honest, because after 10 aftershocks i cant find my house either.....'

My response:
'People are dying..'

Alot of others have commented also, voicing their distaste. She has the fucking cheek to say

'I thought the joke was funny, but peoples reaction on it is act better, if you dont like it dont read it or comment on it no1s asking you 2! ha its a joke.....'

At this stage, my blood is boiling. I respond :

'A joke about mass destruction that caused thousands of deaths, hardly going to be a welcoming response. Little bit of respect doesn't go astray.'

She says:
'if you dont like my comment go rant somewhere else ha theres plenty of jokes on it... nothing personal but if it bothers you dont read it!! also you can have respect and remorse for people and still have a sense of humour .....'

Yeah. if you dont believe it, ill leave the link for it or try to at least. 

Rant over.


Let me know if you can see it.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Im currently using the family laptop that Ive had to use once before. Its verry annoying because theres alot of keys missing.. How? dont ask. Anyway, just thought this had to be put out there.

Johnsons. The baby care crap. Yes, crap. Now, I know in a previous post I stated that they test on animals but after much much research, I found that it was only the american company. Seems odd to me though, so Im going to assume that the Irish/British sector test on furry friends too.

Aaaaanyway, they seem to of brought out a new range in skincare :

I have the cream wash, night cream and an bead wash. I didnt notice any significant change at the start, and oh boy How I wish it stayed that way.

12 spots in 2 days. No joke. Breakout to the max. Now, im not sure which product it is. or if its all of them but its definetly one of them. I started using a new foundation around the same time and instantly thought it was that..

How could a company that makes babies arse creams cause my skin to breakout? Quite easily, as it turns out.

I know it was johnsons as my 11 year old sister orginally started to use them but stopped because HER skin started to break out. Yup, an 11 year old.

So, just thought everyone ought to know this! Ive moved onto nutrogena. We'll have o wait and see how that fairs out.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

While I still can..

Sooo as I said my laptop has gone byebye. Well kind of! It over heats and turns off after ten minutes.. not fun.
So, During the week my friend joshua came over and we took some pictures for his portfolio.

I'm bored, so here are some of them!


Howdy. So, my laptop has gone bye bye so I wont be blogging or uploading videos anytime soon :( NOT IMPRESSED.

So, dont bye a compaq pc. Theyre shite.

:( x

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yeah I took the plunge..

Okay So I did it.  I made  a youtube channel. If youve any suggestions as to what videos to do, gimmie a should because Ive no idea. Please excuse my noob-ness to youtube.