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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a little rant. Im sure youll all share my anger.

'Okay, so I guess the japan jokes are to be expected off the ignorant and stupid after the whole natural disaster. But today? At a time when its still going on? Really? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

There is actually something wrong with alot of people these days.The all high and mighty keyboard warrior strikes again. A girl I dislike, but am friends with on facebook decided to make one such joke. After getting a cold, cold, welcome to her joke, she gets snotty, ignorant and arrogant.

So, Ill enlighten you.
Her 'Joke'

 'Feel sorry for the Japanese if i'm honest, because after 10 aftershocks i cant find my house either.....'

My response:
'People are dying..'

Alot of others have commented also, voicing their distaste. She has the fucking cheek to say

'I thought the joke was funny, but peoples reaction on it is act better, if you dont like it dont read it or comment on it no1s asking you 2! ha its a joke.....'

At this stage, my blood is boiling. I respond :

'A joke about mass destruction that caused thousands of deaths, hardly going to be a welcoming response. Little bit of respect doesn't go astray.'

She says:
'if you dont like my comment go rant somewhere else ha theres plenty of jokes on it... nothing personal but if it bothers you dont read it!! also you can have respect and remorse for people and still have a sense of humour .....'

Yeah. if you dont believe it, ill leave the link for it or try to at least. 

Rant over.


Let me know if you can see it.


  1. Darn it.. Its exactly what I said anyway.. made me soooo mad! Like.. the cheek.

  2. There must be something mentally wrong with that girl :/

  3. Yeah I think she may be an emotionally retarted attention seeking hoebag.