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Friday, December 3, 2010


Okay I love the snow and everything, but Im starting to get cabin fever. Theres no way out of our house, Im lucky to get into work. To make matters worse, my laptop decides to stop working. Ive to hold up my power cable with sellotape.. poor, poor form.

Anyway, with my newfound time Ive decided to get stuck into 'the vampire diaries'. I thought it'd be all like twilight but its actually brilliant.. more like true blood except less.. graphic?

Im in love with damon.. like I actually love him haha I keep hoping him and elena will get it on. He's beautiful!

Also, I need to find a new foundation.. My skin is different in places, its dry yet oily so i need something to cover both. I was thinking GOSH's foundations but cant find a review on them.. any suggestions would be great!

Peace :D x

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