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Friday, February 4, 2011

Haul!! Image heavy.

Okay guys its my first ever haul!! So excited so just gonna get right into it :D

You'll have to excuse the poor quality of pictures, my lights have decided to stop working, the friggin dark out and stormy... so yeah theyre pretty bad.

Rimmel lipsticks in Birthday suit and Indulgance
Birthday suit

 Sweet chutney lipgloss by h&m

 Vinyl Gloss lipgloss in pin up by rimmel
 Bright pink eyeshadow by essence. I use this as a blusher
 Kisses4sale lipgloss by h&m, its a lovely sparkly nude pink. Swatch below.

 Zara military Cardigan, Only €9.99! I was like wtf pirce mix up or something??
 Pennys kabuki brush. Its okay, for €2 ya cant go wrong like.
 H&m angle blush brush. Quite like this brush.

 H&m smokey eye's brush, love the blend brush on it.

Jacket with shoulder pads from bershka. I am in love.

 Only €12.99!


  1. those shades look so different on your lips than they appear in the tube. I love both haha!my h&m never has make up :(
    im having a HUGE mac giveaway if youd like to enter :)x

  2. Yeah my lighting sucks? The birthday suit is a glittery nude and the pink is really really bright, lovely colours!
    sure thing already done x

  3. would you sell me the Zara cardigan?