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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Health scare!

Okay so  I have a little story for you guys, one that hopefully will get you to the doc when its needed, assuming youre like me and take the sterotypical male approach to 'Tough it out'. Ive learned my lesson the hard way!

So, basically, I get recurring chest pains. Every now and then Id get a stabbing pain inbetween my breasts. It would last for a couple of breaths then go, come back then be gone for days, weeks and fortunetly, months. So, Id ignore it. I know, I reaaaally shouldn of and at the insistance of my trainer, I took it easy for a while in all aspects of life..


This morning. Oh my god, this morning. It was unbearable. I never felt pain like it. 4 hours of tattooing? Sure, gimmie that! Needle though my tongue?? FUCKIN DO IT!! This pain? No. Just, no. So, panic sets in. I ring KDOC( emergency doctors), who tell me to ring my doctor. He's not in. Ring my mother (giving her heart failure), shes rings Dad, he rings the doctor who just got in. Now, I do feel bad for skipping 34 people in a Q, but apperently a 19 year old with bad chest pains is serious.. really?? I didnt realise!!

So after all my scares and rushing and crying, it turns out I have 'Costochondritis' which is thankfully, nothing to do with any vital organs! Its an inflammation of cartilage between the ribs and breastbone. A lovely set of drowsy painkillers and anti-inflammitory meds and Im just about set!

So, I hope that if youre in anyway like me that this will give ya an aul push into getting into the doctors if any problems arise, immeditely!! Itll save you a serious scare in the long run!


  1. I went to the doctors a while ago with bad chest pains just like that, obv not to that extent it was just mild pain. My doctor just said it was "growing pains" and my asthma will effect it :/
    Thankfully it hasnt been back for a while but if it does i'm defo going back :)

  2. Mine was only mild at the start.. the doctor i went to is a whack job but he knows what hes at.. haven had pains since.. well only when i have a sneaky up of tea:P but yeah get it checked out!