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Friday, April 29, 2011


Just a quick OOTD while I have a video uploading onto youtube! There is another lengthy one I want to film because I have to get a few things off my chest but Im wrecked right now! Im heading for a bath and getting into bed to watch vampire diaries :)

Top: Petit Bateau
Belt& Shoes: Pennys


Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Blog !

So, Im going to film a vlog later and tell everyone a very interesting story! I have not had a good two days.. not at all. I decided to cheer myself up by re-doing my blog and eating an easter egg.. I hasnt really worked, I'm extremly tired! :(


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I made a COLLAGE!

So.. CSI NY just cant hold my concentration too well and I was thinking about the boyfriend and made this! How cool am I? NOT.

Also, I want to revamp the aul blog.. IDEAS? :)

New video up

Howdy all! Im very happy right now! I won a bidding war on ebay! :D

Its my first time ever to bid on it and I won!! YAAAY! cant wait to get my dress now :)

Anyway, I made and uploaded another video!


That right there is my channel, and I would like to thank Emma for being my one and only subbie! Haha you can find her blog HERE .

Anyway, hope you enjoy  :) x

Monday, April 25, 2011

Worlds worst blogger award!

Yes, yes, I've won!!!!

So sorry for the lack of them recently.. Its been a mixture of horrible sickness, hayfever, working, family outings and being attached to my boyfriend when I see him because he's now in the army and wont be getting out of the DFTC too often until mid july so I cherish *(GAG)* every moment with him ( soooooo so soppy.. ew.. vomit!).

I'm not usually the PDA type of gal, but he just tugs on my heart strings and I cant not say it!

A recent picture of us :

This is after a few drinks and a very Tough week for poor Francis so we're both looking worse for wear!

Anyway, here is another OOTD sans my face as pollen eyes have attacked again!

I'll have better quality and more frequent ones coming soon!

Top: Petit Bateau
Shorts: H&M
Bag & Shoes: Pennys (primark?)

Friday, April 22, 2011


HEEEEY! Apologies for the lack of posts and videos, I'm quite sick with an eye infection and hay fever so Im avoiding make-up, and Im constantly wrecked from working, training and being raped by pollen. Its not good.

*AAANNYWAY* here's an OOTD for ya'll.. *sans* my face.. thankfully!

Top: Old zara
Bottoms: Old zara
Bag: Old zara (Jeeze! relax with the zara!)
Shoes: Pennys
Demin jacket: Tk maxx (got it when I was twelve.. the joys of being petit!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Re-newed my love for Christy Moore recently.. This is such a beaut of a song, I listen to it when Im sad.. I know that wont help but sure its a good song!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Its was a family members birthday on friday and she had a fancy dress party in the theme of 'superheros/villans'!
It was an epic night and there were so many fun costumes! I went as *Posion Ivy* from batman! My costume was all home-made too!

I didnt get the chance to take a make up photo unfortunetly :(
My costume is basially a swimsuit, scarf, tights and a floral head band that ny sister made!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

I need help!

So, as of recently my boyfriend has been recruited for the Defence forces and with all my friends being in college, Im left with very little to do apart from look for dresses to the bf's passing out ceremony. In July. Yeah.. SOOOOO I have a lot of time on my hands!

I know its a bit early but I wont be seeing him for a while and thinking about the ceremony makes it that little bit easier! I feel like such a fool.. Any of my ex's never effected me this much but he is just amazing..!

I just threw up a little as Im sure the rest of you did too :P

Back to my main topic; what to wear!

Now bare in mind this is a military ceremony so it will be very fancy.. men in uniform.. CANT.WAIT.
Heres a few ideas :)

                                       Can anyone tell me the name of this style of dress?

I need help baaaadly :( x

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Give away!

This lovely lady is giving away an amazing pair of studded shorts! I really want them.. BADLY! enter the giveaway.. Well worth it!



Hello everyone! Just a reminder of my youtube channel! Id love love love if people subscribed :)


Thaaaanks :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Rewiev : Sucker Punch

A recent release, Sucker Punch is described as a 'female fantasy'. Its basically ment to be a chickflick.. but unfortunetly I felt it took a certain type of chick to agree with the statement. There was a bit of a backlash saying the film was just aimed at guys and was a terribly sexist film, but Im going to have to disagree!

Now, this is coming from a girl who is obsessed with lara croft, video games, fantasy movies and all things like that. Im a bit of a tomboy to be honest. The storyline was definetly aimed at women and the way it was played out I believe was aimed at us to. The only thing that i thought was for the lads were the numberous upskirt shots, tight costumes and the fact that part of it involves a brothel.

The main story is about a girl who's mother dies. Her step father is sexually abusive and in a terrible turn of events, she ends up in a mental instution. All characters know she is perfectly sane and shouldn be there.. but she is.

Anyway, Im not going to give away much at all. I thought this was a good film about female empowerment and that they are for once, taking the lead in action movies. It shows good young talent and its a story you do kind of have to think about.

Back to the costumes though for a minute; I will say one thing about them. Although many people think that because they are wearing such reveling costumes and sexy little things that this is classed as a guys film, if you think about it, in all action films with male leads they exert their manliness by having huge muscles or getting the hot girl. Here, the women do the same, they flaunt what they got ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So its a pretty nice day out :) I thought Id do an ootd with my maxi! Excuse the poor quality pictures! Oh and the shoes picture, i couldnt get a decent one so Im just going to steal one from the website :P

Dress: Petit bateau €39.00
Skull necklace: Pull & Bear (forgotten price)
Chains: Bershka €1.99 (ages ago)
Shoes: Dunnes €50*

*The picture shows the shoes from river island and they cost €94. I swear to got the ones from dunnes are the exact same apart from the buckle is slightly different. So so happy when i found them!

Love!:) x

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm a little pissed off today. I've had such a bad headache today and work has just ruined my plans :(

But, moreover, recently Ive noticed changes in my life. These changes are nothing new for me. Just seem to be losing friends more.. drifting apart I guess. No matter how I try, it always happens.. I always seem to lose friends. This brings me to wonder if its something I do, like Im the one losing the friends, right? It has to be something Im doing.. and then I feel really down on myself for a while

But then I remember.. Its  not me.. its you. If people are going to exclude you for no good reason, thats their problem. If theyre going to invite you out then say theyre going with someone else, let them off. If they feel the need to ignore questions you have to ask, let them wonder in the future. If I have a select few people that have been with me since my childhood, how bad can I be? How did I cause any of it? How am I possibly that bad a friend?

Truth is, Im not. Even If I do end up alone, Ill know its  for the greater good because :

''He who travels alone, travels the furthest''