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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm a little pissed off today. I've had such a bad headache today and work has just ruined my plans :(

But, moreover, recently Ive noticed changes in my life. These changes are nothing new for me. Just seem to be losing friends more.. drifting apart I guess. No matter how I try, it always happens.. I always seem to lose friends. This brings me to wonder if its something I do, like Im the one losing the friends, right? It has to be something Im doing.. and then I feel really down on myself for a while

But then I remember.. Its  not me.. its you. If people are going to exclude you for no good reason, thats their problem. If theyre going to invite you out then say theyre going with someone else, let them off. If they feel the need to ignore questions you have to ask, let them wonder in the future. If I have a select few people that have been with me since my childhood, how bad can I be? How did I cause any of it? How am I possibly that bad a friend?

Truth is, Im not. Even If I do end up alone, Ill know its  for the greater good because :

''He who travels alone, travels the furthest''



  1. I've had the same issue, "friends" just sacking me off for no reason. but meh, i'm obviously way too cool for them to handle it haha :)

  2. I had a free spot for the 2nd post on the 17th so i put you down hope thats okay chica :) x

  3. Thanks adrienne! So cool :D x