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Monday, April 25, 2011

Worlds worst blogger award!

Yes, yes, I've won!!!!

So sorry for the lack of them recently.. Its been a mixture of horrible sickness, hayfever, working, family outings and being attached to my boyfriend when I see him because he's now in the army and wont be getting out of the DFTC too often until mid july so I cherish *(GAG)* every moment with him ( soooooo so soppy.. ew.. vomit!).

I'm not usually the PDA type of gal, but he just tugs on my heart strings and I cant not say it!

A recent picture of us :

This is after a few drinks and a very Tough week for poor Francis so we're both looking worse for wear!

Anyway, here is another OOTD sans my face as pollen eyes have attacked again!

I'll have better quality and more frequent ones coming soon!

Top: Petit Bateau
Shorts: H&M
Bag & Shoes: Pennys (primark?)

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