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Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Rewiev : Sucker Punch

A recent release, Sucker Punch is described as a 'female fantasy'. Its basically ment to be a chickflick.. but unfortunetly I felt it took a certain type of chick to agree with the statement. There was a bit of a backlash saying the film was just aimed at guys and was a terribly sexist film, but Im going to have to disagree!

Now, this is coming from a girl who is obsessed with lara croft, video games, fantasy movies and all things like that. Im a bit of a tomboy to be honest. The storyline was definetly aimed at women and the way it was played out I believe was aimed at us to. The only thing that i thought was for the lads were the numberous upskirt shots, tight costumes and the fact that part of it involves a brothel.

The main story is about a girl who's mother dies. Her step father is sexually abusive and in a terrible turn of events, she ends up in a mental instution. All characters know she is perfectly sane and shouldn be there.. but she is.

Anyway, Im not going to give away much at all. I thought this was a good film about female empowerment and that they are for once, taking the lead in action movies. It shows good young talent and its a story you do kind of have to think about.

Back to the costumes though for a minute; I will say one thing about them. Although many people think that because they are wearing such reveling costumes and sexy little things that this is classed as a guys film, if you think about it, in all action films with male leads they exert their manliness by having huge muscles or getting the hot girl. Here, the women do the same, they flaunt what they got ;)

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