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Monday, March 28, 2011

500 days of summer.

Gotta start by saying, I love this movie!

I recently got my laptop back! :D Weird, on the report it said they didnt replace anything.. Must of been a softwear things I guess..

So summer has offically arrived.. Bought my first maxi dress on Friday. I always said that id *never* wear them because I am tiny, but this one is actually pretty cute! I got it in Petit Bateau in Kildare village. Its really nice and flowy with isnt really my style, but it suits me.

So, because of the nice weather, my dogs have been lazing outside all the time. This is very unusual because jack russels are normally hoping all over the place. I was getting a few things ready for this post and my sister comes running upstairs and says

 'SASS!!! Mam planted dog flowers this morning and and she told me to tell you that they grew!!!!'
I was like.. what the fuck are you on child, until she told me to look out the window, and my heart melted. This is too cute.

I've been bored off my face all day because im off work, but everyone else isnt. So im going mad!!
I cant shop cause im broke, so I dont know what to do with myself. I was so bored, I made ice tea. I love lipton ice tea and thought id make my own! Its actually not bad.. Im considering setting up a stand outside my house :P
 A while back I made a huge image change, and now, its finally complete.. Im blonde.. well, as blonde as I want anyway.

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  1. The dogs are so cute! :) also, you look lovely xxx

    please check out my blog - http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/

    love hannah xx

  2. Thanks :)! Love your blog,New follower right here! using the face wash myself at the mo! Its scrub is really good too.

  3. beautiful blonde hair, such a pretty lip colour too!