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Monday, March 7, 2011


Im currently using the family laptop that Ive had to use once before. Its verry annoying because theres alot of keys missing.. How? dont ask. Anyway, just thought this had to be put out there.

Johnsons. The baby care crap. Yes, crap. Now, I know in a previous post I stated that they test on animals but after much much research, I found that it was only the american company. Seems odd to me though, so Im going to assume that the Irish/British sector test on furry friends too.

Aaaaanyway, they seem to of brought out a new range in skincare :

I have the cream wash, night cream and an bead wash. I didnt notice any significant change at the start, and oh boy How I wish it stayed that way.

12 spots in 2 days. No joke. Breakout to the max. Now, im not sure which product it is. or if its all of them but its definetly one of them. I started using a new foundation around the same time and instantly thought it was that..

How could a company that makes babies arse creams cause my skin to breakout? Quite easily, as it turns out.

I know it was johnsons as my 11 year old sister orginally started to use them but stopped because HER skin started to break out. Yup, an 11 year old.

So, just thought everyone ought to know this! Ive moved onto nutrogena. We'll have o wait and see how that fairs out.


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