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Monday, January 17, 2011

Must reads!

Okay so Im in my boyfriends house and really bored cause im here alone, sooo thought id put together this little post.

These are some books that Ive read and fallen in love with, you have got to read them. I feel if i hadnt of read some of these books, id be a different person!

What dreams may come by Richard Matheson. Id read this book again and again and again. Its a heartbreaking story about a man who lost his wife, but with a twist. I dont want to say too much more because Ill only spoil it, so all Im going to say is, read it!

Next is the Sookie Stackhouse collection. The TV show true blood  based on this series, and boy is it worth a read. Its sexy, scary, funny and entertaining, you actually will not be able to put down the book. Im finding myself dying for the next book to come out which is sometime in march >:(.

Only started this collection recently so Ive not too much to say about it. The tv show is completly different from the book. Its good so far, so read up!

This is alot like I AM LEGEND, but its alot bigger and slightly more confusing. Set in the future where the world has been taken over by infected superhumans, a small group of people fight for survival as their natural resources run out. Gripping read and well worth the strain it'll cause your shoulder from carrying it around in your bag :P

Soon to be a motion picture, this follows the life of an alien boy on earth. He falls in love and fights to stay with her and his friends. Really good read, movie should be good too.

So far thats all I can think of because im not at home to go through by books.. if you want to know anymore books thatd id reccomend, just comment!


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