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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the jungle ;)

Okay so Ive changed my blog around a bit, decided to change the title to something a bit more personal :) 'Sal' is one of my many nicknames, just thinking of it the other day! Funny how you get these names..

Anyway! Onto my main topic. I wanted to share my latest fashion craze with you!
Ive fallen head over heals for ANYTHING related to animals.. especially jewl's! I think theyre just so beyond cute and look so good, they just suit my personality. Soooo, Im going to share some of my favourite pieces :)

This one is from river island. It cost €4 because of the sale and its a cute little bracelet. Only downside is, it broke. Like everything else i purchase in that shop. BOOO.
This is my wittle wizzard!! Sorry, lizzard. Its from ASOS, dont know how much it cost as it was a gift, love it to bits!
 This too is from river island. This too broke. Twice. Nuff said.
 Pennys finest! €2
 AM in LOOOOVE with this ring.. for €6.95 for the lot, ya cant beat it! good aul H&M!
 Another H&M buy, only €3.95. excuse the dody picture of myself.. all the cropping in the world just cant fix some things..
 Spider and owl earings, obviously not a set ha! €2 per pair in pennys!
 €1 in monsoon.. YES!! €1! lovely lovely tigers..
 This is vintage, stole from my mother :P Lovely pearls with a gold panter on them!
Ive i few more bits but my battery died and the lighting in my room is terrible.. :( If anyone knows where I can pick up for animalistic jewls do tell!! x


  1. Wow thats quite a collection! I know what you mean from river island, funnily enough I had a belt with a gold horse on it that I brought from there and it broke! That spider ring would give me the creeps though! lol xo

  2. Yeah even the clothes like i bought a 60's style tight dress and the straps snapped.. wasnt happy! pity the stuff is so nice :P x