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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Serious image change (I didnt even realise!) and shaggy no more!

So considering my hours have been cut, im home most of the week - boo!

Today was a relaxing day, so to speak. I woke up at elevn, YES! eleven, which, might i add is VERY unusual for me..
Anyway, my poor old pup shaggy has got a skin infection, again. He keeps scratching away his fur making him all red and blotchy. I was left with no other option than giving him a make over! He got a good aul' trim and bath with his medical shampoo.

He was unimpressed to say the least.
Before the big chop :
You can see where he got his name..

Aaaand after:

Lovely and neat :P

''My furs is shiver mommy!'

And now for me.. I actually didnt realise how drastic my change was until I looked back over old pictutres.. Its actually mad..

This was about a month ago when I was bored and decided to do heavy make up and biiiig big hair. Its jet black with a side fringe and just big in general..

And now:
It looks kind of gingery blonde in the picture but its because my lighting is dreadful. Its more light brownish blonde. I haven had it cut or anything, thats just the layers around the front. Its crazy how different I look.. Miss my dark hair..

Okay, so, this is a question ive been trying to tackle since.. a while :P.

To side fringe again, or not. Tough choice.. Not as thick as the last one, and slightly shorter.. gaaaah!
Anyway, yes, I must get back to cleaning up my room (-_-)


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