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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I need help!

Okay So Im seriously fed up.
I have a little problem that im sure is very common.. too common in fact.

I cannot for the life of me, find a suitable foundation. Ive tried alot, be it compact, mineral, liquid or powder. The only one that came slightly close was 'l'oreal match perfection', but alas, the bastards test on animals. Thats them gone out the window >:(

I need one with a heavy coverage, and works well with dry skin. My skin is only dry in patches, but its still dry and even liquid ones dry it out! So, any suggestions for me? Please help a gal out because I feel a twinge of sadness come one o clock when I look in the mirror.. thank you!



  1. Have you tried Estee Lauder double wear foundation? Most people swear by it! I usually use it, but am trialing MAC's studio fix at the moment. I have exactly the same problem as you with the dry skin and it was fine for me. Have a look at some blogpost's on it, theres quite a few. Hope that helps! xo

  2. Thanks i must try it out! Serious stress haha! xx