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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Herbal essences Split end protectant!

Sorry for the lack of posting, its been a hectic few weeks. Ive been filming some videos too so its been taking up time! You can watch my vidoes here.

Now, I only bought this because I was getting a three for two offer in  boots! I didnt think it would do anything at all, but boy am I amazed!

Its a conditioner like cream that you can work into towel dry or dried hair. It leaves your ends feeling smooth and in one piece if you know what I mean? I think this was ment to be used to prevent further split ends but even with my hair I can see an improvment. For hair like mine, thats saying something. If you read my blog you'll know its been through alot in the past few months (stripping, colouring, highlighting.) and for something like this to make my hair feel a bit better, I think thats amazing! Id give this a 10/10. It smells delish also!

You can work this, like i do, into the ends of your hair. It says from root to tip but I only put it in the ends! Its very good! Love <3


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