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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Megan Fox.

I am in love with this woman. She is sexy, strong and brunette. Not that I've anything against blondes (considered it myself) but its not often a brunette is considered so amazingly stunning.

So as I moved my room around today (happens alot, will post pictures later) I noticed a poster size patch of wall that was left bare and lonely. I felt compelled to drive straight into my local town and buy her poster from HMV, as seen above. I fucking love it. I mean how amazing is she. Not the sterotypical sex goddess, small, cat like eyes, disformed thumbs, inked to the nines, and people still love her. Utterly amazing.

So now her picture hangs in my room, much to my boyfriends delight. I almost want to do a shoot like hers and possibly will considering I've that top and my hair is about the same lenght.

So, tell me, who do you consider utterly amazing?

Peace x


  1. Hey!

    I struggle to answer your question about who I find amazing at the moment. I worshiped Megan Fox before, because she is so pretty.
    I am a brunette with a fair skin and I struggle to find a brunette celebrity to follow their look.



  2. I was just thinkin you remind me of her! Theres not alot out there apart from the obvious like angelina jolie, kim kardashian(now blonde tho) and alyissa milano. We need more! xx