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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Currently broke until the end of the month, I have nothing to do but have a wish list. Here's some of the things Im dying for right now:
I have a builders phone right now.. It is literally a block. Want this little beaut so badly!

This has got to be the cutest bag ever. Im sure it wouldn be too hard to make but its in river island for about €50 or around that. WANT!

Im constantly changing make up bags, but this one.. Oh if only i had it :( Loving anything with animal ears on it right now!

I have become obsessed with these jumpers. Being in Ireland, theyre needed. This one if from jack wills which is in Kildare Village Outlets.. Hugely discounted but still veeeerry expensive. :(

And Finally, basically anything off ASOS.com. Love it!

Whats Santa going to (hopefully) bring you for Christmas? ;)
Peace xx


  1. those bags are really cute! :) great blog


  2. Ohh those bags are absolutely adorable! :)


  3. Thanks :) means so much :D Yeah hopefully santa is nice this year! x