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Monday, November 15, 2010

New to all of this.

Well, guess I'll just have to get stuck right in. Back in August of this year I awaited the dreaded leaving cert results. D-day came and I went to collect my brown envelope that I thought held the key to the rest of my life, and boy was I wrong. Opening it was like opening an emotional dam.

Adding up the points brought tears to my eyes as I realised I didnt have enough points for my first choice.. or second.. or even third. I spent the next week planning what the hell I was gonna do for a year before re-applying to the CAO, convinced I didnt get anything this time round. Taking a gap year was not on the cards, at all, ever. Now, I was faced with the possibility of it happening.

The day for college places to be issued arrived. I didnt bother getting out of bed early like the hundreds of other students, knowing I didnt get a place anywhere. But, to my surprise, Dad came upstairs with something from the CAO office. Possibly the least thing I expected at this time, I was offered a place in UCD. Desperate not to take a year off, I jumped at the chance to go there. I wasnt even sure if it was what I wanted, but hey- it was something, right? WRONG! Long story short, I stayed there for two weeks and hated it. So now I find myself doing and enjoying something that a mere three months ago seemed like hell- a gap year. Best choice I've made so far.

So with my new found free time, I thought I'd start this up. It has no particular topic, just a stream of consciousness blog.

Peace x

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